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Wagner Academy is excited to have developed an amazing soccer experience with the help of some of the most trusted and educated soccer minds in the Western New York area.  Our Soccer School is a program that was developed by Bob Wagner of Wagner Academy.  The concept of a Soccer School is based on the idea that Education is the most important factor in the development of a child.  Unlike traditional soccer club systems, that are prevalent in the United States, our soccer school focuses on the development of the individual player. The School is based on the teaching's of Bob Wagner and our amazing staff as well as the vision of Wagner Academy.

  • School Administrator and Coach:  Bob Wagner
  • Staff:  Jon Poulakis, Bill McKee, Chris Collison, Lynne Bell, Jennifer Bugbee

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The mission of the soccer school is to provide a world-class curriculum, taught by coaches and educators, who are recognized for their excellence in teaching.  Our School focuses on Education and provides a community that reinforces the values of the school.

  • Coach to Player Education
  • Peer to Peer Education
  • Passion for Play
  • Positive Experience for Player, Family and Staff
  • Respect of the Community

"Hop Stop Method"

Bob Wagner created the “Hop Stop” method to help teach younger players how to control the ball immediately, with balance. The importance gets translated to follow-up plays, because immediate control allows the player’s brain to engage and make proper decisions. Each player is different and their brains perceive different scenarios on the field. Because of this, our School works very hard to reinforce a “Hop Stop” prior to continuous play, as a way to relax the brain and understand just what a player’s intentions are.

There are no tryouts for Our School. This program is not like any other program. We are not a club and we do not affiliate with clubs. Our School is only interested in the social, mental, emotional, and physical development of the players who attend. The School was developed because it is the proper method by which children should learn soccer and continuously


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Wagner Soccer embodies Wagner Training Center, Wagner Academy, and Wagner Tours. Together, Wagner Soccer strives to deliver an exciting, comprehensive soccer experience for children and their families through a safe, state-of the art facility, unsurpassed soccer education, and soccer-infused cultural immersion.

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